How to run price comparison and price tracking for

June 14, 2022

With scrappie, you can easily monitor eCommerce websites and get the most accurate price and product availability information. In this short article, you will learn how to set up competitor price monitoring and the way how easily can be to run monitoring prices on

There are basic pre-requirements to start monitoring.

  • Products URL
  • Scrappie project
  • At least a basic subscription (no credit card or payments required)

Asos example product

Let's assume we need to track Boss Athleisure Tee Curved t-shirt in blue

Asos product page

Let's add this product to our scrappie project and start monitoring price, and availability of this t-shirt with daily frequency.

Create project

Projects give you the possibility to categorize your products and marketplaces

Create scrappie project

If you want to have an instant price and availability check after adding a product to a project, you need to enable the Instantly retrieve information about new products after creation checkbox

Start your product monitoring

The last step is to add your product to the scope of Asos project. Projects is one of the easiest ways to separate products from different sites or niches.

Product monitoring

Product analysis will take some time...

Analysis in progress

After a successful product analysis, you will get the next information

  • Name
  • Price
  • Currency
  • Price index
  • Product id
  • Availability
  • Description
Analysis in progress

If you have specific requirements regarding data or websites, we are open for conversation, just start a chat in dashboard

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